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Top 5 Conference Centers in San Francisco

Being one of the leading financial as well as cultural centers in the state of California, San Francisco has large hotel infrastructure as well as world class convention centers. Though technology has changed the way people do business these days, its applications like virtual office space has eradicated barriers of geography and borders. But, there are certain conferences that people still gather together for, though even these conferences have seen lot of changes due to technological progress. When it comes to conferences, San Francisco serves as one of the best destination and it is among the top 10 destinations in North America for conferences and meetings. Conference rooms and boardroom hire is also available around the globe and this city is no exception in providing vibrant business atmosphere as well as facilities.

Here are 5 of the conference venues available in San Francisco:

Fort Mason Center

Location: Bldg. 1 Bay & Franklin St., San Francisco, CA 94123, USA.

Having a beautiful waterfront campus, the Fort Mason Center connects people with art and culture. It provides a vivacious conference space and is also home to numerous programs and events. Being a complex of renovated military buildings, it is a non-profit center having 28 venues providing number of meeting rooms, exhibits centers and theatres which have maximum capacity of 20,000 people. Apart from this, the center also serves as home to resident non-profit organizations.

South San Francisco Conference Center

Location: 255 South Airport Boulevard, S San Francisco, CA 94080, USA.

South San Francisco Conference Center has award winning meeting and conference facilities and an area which can be suitable for any kind of event like corporate meetings, conferences, conventions and special events. Convenient accommodation facilities are available for those who come to San Francisco for corporate meetings or conferences. Having a professional staff and numerous flexible services, the conference center is an affordable one to have meetings and conventions.

Mission Bay Conference Center

Location: 1675 Owens Street, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA.

This center provides world-class conference amenities and facilities with per-day or per-person package. Day Meeting Package is also available in the center which is a combination of several facilities. Having spectacular meeting and conference space, the center has professional and very helpful staff ready to help whenever required. One noteworthy point of Mission Bay Conference Center is that it has good quality food with excellent menus.

Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Location: 333 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

Locate in the heart of downtown San Francisco, Hilton San Francisco Union Square is a sophisticated hotel and also one of the largest and tallest hotels on the West Coast. The hotel possesses a meeting space of 134,000 sq. ft with around 73 meeting rooms and also a grand ballroom of 30,000 sq. ft. having a capacity of 3,200 people.

InterContinental San Francisco

Location: 888 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

The InterContinental is a high-rise hotel in the financial city of San Francisco providing standard facilities for conventions and conferences. For that purpose, the hotel has around 27 meeting rooms which are spacious enough to have business meetings. Along with that, it has two large ballrooms and an executive board room. People who choose InterContinental as a venue for corporate meeting get to experience fine luxury with good room service as well as food facilities.

Along with being a leading financial city, San Francisco provides good business atmosphere as well as good centers for conferences and corporate meetings.

Conference Planning Tips

A term defines the meeting of peoples to discuss on a certain topic. Good planning, commitment and discipline are required to conduct a successful conference or an event.

If you are planning for a conference then follow some tips to achieve conference objective. Firstly set up a committee for the conference planning. Discuss your expectations and requirements for the conference. Then decide a perfect budget required to conduct an event. Once the planning made, choose convenient conference venue which will be convenient to the attendee too. Make a contract for the venue with all necessary assets with venue owner. Make sure that the presenters and speaker of conference are prepared with topics and will achieve purpose of the conference. All this will help to conduct nice event. The specific purpose of a conference describe by its heading like training courses, Business conference, International Conference, Annual Conference, Technology Seminar, Online Conference, etc. As per type of conference the planning and execution process may differ.

Conference planning committee organizes an event, committee should be relevant in size because large number of committee member may lack in good organization and decision making. So appoint committee member who are well experienced and qualified, which are able to accept responsibility and will able to work in groups. There are two types of planning committees, one is internal and another is external. Internal committee is made by member of the organization which is conducting the conference while external planning committees are provided by some agency for their services. These committees are well skilled in conference planning and they focus more on their job of conference planning then internal committee linke.

To calculate conference budget, list of the expenses required. Like venue rent, needed assets for conference, committee charges and other expenditure (food revenue) required at the time of conference.

Schedule the event effective follow some tips given below:

* If the conference is last longer then schedule free time breaks between sessions.

* If the conference is large then accommodation for overnight is required. So make sure that venue has good accommodation facility for the guests.

* Schedule interesting session and presentation after lunch time.

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In this way good planning will assure you to get good conferee’s response for next conferences and the attendee will feel satisfied with the conference. Also you will get satisfied by conducting a successful event. Get down to Premier Line Direct and check out the office insurance quotes available.


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